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I am looking for sponsors and owners to join my team and help me on my journey to become a top level dressage rider.


I aim to compete as often as possible covering mainly the South West and quite often further afield. Reaching the Championships and attending major competitions is always my goal with Rocco and with the addition of my young dressage horse “Rolo” with whom I am aiming to compete at lower level and young horse classes as well. I also attend many lesson and clinics through BYRDS so will be able to endorse products and companies at a wide variety of dressage events and can maximise exposure. I can also promote businesses and products by displaying logos on jackets and saddlecloths and our horsebox. I can display logos and banners around our arena (great spook training!) for all visitors to see. As an active user of social media I would be able to promote businesses and products. I enjoy blogging and write regular updates and competition write ups along with promoting products to help generate further publicity.


Any form of support, whether financial or otherwise would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in sponsoring me or for any further information please feel free to contact me.


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